Month: November 2023

A happy family at the dinner table, who have learned how to avoid arguments at Thanksgiving

5 Strategies to Avoid Fights at Thanksgiving

For many people, the holiday season isn’t much of a holiday. You might have to visit family you dislike, or be dreading arguments or uncomfortable questions. In fact, for some of my clients, Thanksgiving and Christmas bring up even more anxiety, bad memories and triggers than the rest of the year! So, let’s explore some ways you can avoid fights at Thanksgiving and make your holiday as relaxing as it should be!

Young woman looking at her phone, feeling stress from current events.

How to Manage Stress From Current Events and News

Many of my clients feel anxious, depressed or angry when they watch the news or hear about it on social media. Others feel guilty about not doing enough, or not knowing enough about what’s going on. With the outbreak of the war in Israel and Palestine, this has only gotten worse. So how can you handle the stress you feel from current events – and make more of a positive difference?

A group of asexual people marching with a banner, raising awareness for an asexual-friendly website and encouraging asexual-friendly therapy.

What is Asexual-Friendly Therapy?

In a few days I’ll be giving a presentation to other counselors about asexual-friendly therapy! I’m so excited to help other mental health professionals provide more supportive healthcare to asexual folks. And I thought I’d give you a taste of what I’ll be talking about!