Explore Your Therapy Options

You may worry that your problems are too strange, too embarrassing, or that no one will understand. But I promise you’re not alone. I first trained in community counseling agencies where all sorts of people walked in with all kinds of problems. Even now, I still use a flexible approach that treats you as a whole person with multiple facets and ways to grow.

I work with people one-on-one for issues ranging from addiction, to career planning, to grief and loss. That said, I am especially passionate about a few matters that come up over and over…


Anxiety Counseling
Good if you’re dealing with panic attacks, social anxiety, low self-esteem, or struggle to make friends.

Depression Counseling
Get help for chronic depression, depressive episodes, bipolar disorder, and self-harm.

LGBTQ Counseling
Intersectional and feminist-informed. Whether you’re figuring out who you are, transitioning, building healthier relationships, or just want a therapist who gets it, here you can be you.

Trauma Counseling
Good if you’re dealing with triggers, flashbacks, and dissociation. Or if you want to make sense of your experiences, or build a better future. Also includes trauma caused by oppressive systems, institutions and religious trauma.

Not sure if my services are right for you? Check out my fees and scheduling for more information, my blog to get a better feel for how I work, or drop me a line for a free consultation. If we aren’t a good match I’ll help you find other providers who can meet your needs.