Happiness in cartoon egg form

Happiness is a skill

Hi everyone! I’m Kara, a therapist working in Texas, and I believe happiness isn’t just an emotion. Happiness is a skill – a set of skills – that you can put into practice to create a fulfilling life.

In this blog I’ll share with you the tools and strategies that my clients and I have discovered help them achieve happier lives. Some of these tips will be tangible, like improving your sleep cycle. Others will help you explore your deeper needs so that you can shape your life into the right path for you. A “good life” means something different for everyone, and you’re the best judge of which tools work for you.

It may be a skill, but it’s not easy.

Your potential happiness is affected by the world you live in. You may face obstacles in the form of prejudice, discrimination, financial constraints, disability, or harmful people. So I will also explore ways you can get support from other people, advocate for yourself, and handle the challenges of living in an unequal society.

Happiness is not a gift some of us receive and some of us don’t. It is not obliviousness to the harshness of the world. It isn’t an “ever after” you reach once and then you’ll never worry about again.

Happy people choose to practice doing more of what makes them happier. And since happiness is a skill, like other skills it takes time, work, and active maintenance. But it is something you can practice. I see people from all walks of life get better at it, and you can do it, too.

Where to start?

I’ll be posting articles to help you develop your own happiness at least once a week. I’ll also talk about your options for therapy, which is great if you want more in-depth support for solving problems, getting to know yourself or developing a happier life.

Are there topics related to therapy, mental health or happiness you want to see me cover? Or do you want more personal support for your journey? Drop me a line!